The Women's and Sports Medicine SelfCareNavigators are SelfCareNet’s Web-based products. They are repositories of home healthcare guidelines, in both English and Spanish, for patients and the parents of sick children. The information, which has been designed to support consumer-driven healthcare, is easy to use and easy to understand. The content is reviewed and updated annually to ensure that the information remains current and includes new self-care topics.

How SelfCareNavigator Works

The patient or parent identifies an illness or symptom of concern. She/he can search for the appropriate self-care topics by alphabetical and/or anatomical symptom lists.

Each topic contains three components:

Symptoms / Injury Definition
When to Call / Decision Chart
Home Care Advice

By using the Decision Chart, the user can place the illness into one of the following five "When to Call Your Doctor" categories:

Call 911 Now (you may need an ambulance)
Call Your Doctor Now (night or day)
Call Your Doctor Within 24 Hours
(between 9 am and 4 pm)
Call Your Doctor During Weekday Office Hours

Self Care at Home


Self Care at Home

Depending on the Decision Chart, the user can then refer to the Home Care Advice for clearly written steps for symptom management.

Women's SelfCareNavigator

Sample Topic:
Index of Topics (pdf)

Sports Medicine SelfCareNavigator

Sample Topic:
    Elbow Bursitis
Index of Topics (pdf)


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