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SelfCareNet utilizes second-generation Web content, proven to meet the needs of lay people for medical information that is easy to find and easy to understand. The demand for such information has grown significantly as more and more people, by choice or by necessity, become increasingly involved in making healthcare decisions for themselves and their family members.


SelfCareNet's Web-based healthcare content is a valuable resource for:

the office-based, primary care physician who wants to give patients access to more information without having to provide it via individual phone calls;
an employee with a sick child who needs to know when to call the doctor;
a managed care organization striving to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and empower its members by giving them the information required to make good medical choices;
a healthcare portal that aims to increase Web traffic and differentiate its site by providing "best-of-breed" content.

It gives patients the information they need to make appropriate decisions about their health. It gives providers increased patient/member/employee satisfaction and a proven return on investment.


SelfCareNet would be a value-added content provider to a number of vertical markets including:

Colleges, Elementary, Middle and High Schools
School Nurses and Trainers, Students and Parents
Office-Based Physicians
Managed Care Organizations
Retail Pharmacies
Healthcare Portals

Corporate Sponsors

SelfCareNet is interested in developing business relationships with companies providing solutions to one or more of the markets listed above. For more information, please send your contact information to:

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